Carthage Waterfall


1.83meter Tall Waterfall has a centre mounted clear glass panel, viewable from both sides ideal for outdoor or large indoor areas, the basin can be buried into the ground to create a natural effect that the water is flowing along the natural settings & landscape.

LED lights at base creates a fascinating effect at night with magic water sounds.

Size 183cm H, 61cm W, 39cm D

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Tall Floor Standing Waterfall in Stainless Steel Panel with Clear Glass Centre Mounted, viewable from both sides & can be placed in corner or centre of the room or in the garden. Delivered with black medium pebble stones for the base.

Size 183cm H, 61cm W, 39cm D

Color Stainless Steel Silver with Clear Glass

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Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 39 x 61 x 183 cm


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