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Buddha Fountains

Buddha Water Fountains are a soothing, relaxing and sensational embellishment features to decorate your home or garden. Buddha fountains come in different styles, sizes, colours and materials. They can be made to sit on a pedestal, a table, free stand in hallways and lounges or at entrances or even in patio, decks and Gardens.

Most indoor Buddha fountains are made of Polystone and are rather light in weight for ease of movements. Most outdoor Buddha features are either wall fountains, free standing or large and embedded in garden or pool areas as landscaping features.

Tabletop Fountains can be used in homes or offices and generally come in various sizes that vary from 18 – 50 cm in height and 15 – 30 cm in width or depth. Standing Buddha Fountains are generally over 1 meter height and can be indoor or outdoor. Large outdoor Buddha fountains are much heavier and most likely made of a combinations of materials to weather the elements.