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Andalusian Moorish Art

Andalucia has held a role of the first order in the development of Spanish art. For instance in Almería (Los Millares), a Neolithic culture flourished; the megalithic monuments of Andalucia (Antequera, Trigueros) are among the most important in Spain.

Andalusian art, not least with the construction of the Mezquita at Cordoba is at the nub of our art collections. We can date the lower levels of Seville’s iconic Giralda tower to the 7th century Almohad dynasties. Later, an indigenous style of art reached its full force in the Nasrid marvels of Granada, such as the Alhambra, a creative beacon that shone throughout Spain and which begat the Mudéjar, Arabic-Spanish, form, seen best in the Alcazar at Seville.

Our Andalusian Moorish collection celebrates this unique cultural crossover between North & South, East & West. Most items are inspired from the eccentric geometrical figures born in South of Spain & North African region.