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The palette of colours is black, grey / silver, sandstone & black metallic or fiberglass finish making it suitable for a wide array of surroundings & environments. Most items can be made in either fiberglass finish, metallic finish in black colour & for some fountains the finishing could be in marble look & feel, jade look & feel and in specific cases could be custom built.

These water features are suitable for indoor & outdoor surroundings and could weather the elements when properly maintained. Most of these fountains are over 1.2 meter high and are an ideal home / office decoration features or an amazingly unique landscaping structures in outdoor garden, pergolas, verandas & decks.

Art fountains combine contemporary & splendid geometric figures that play on eccentricity & symmetry or the lack of. Most features are mono coloured in either black, charcoal or sandstone however many come in 2 contrast colours such as Jade & Charcoal, Fiberglass Black & Polystone Grey.

Most LED have a cool white colour bringing about an ocean blue reflection in the water basin, bases and bubble levels. Many of the water features have 2 levels bubble heights, other have a water curtain / wall with a water slide leading to the fountain base. All fountains have a splendid soothing serene water sound. The combination of water noise, light & design makes a gratifying, intimate sensation and a grandiose personal statement.

All water features have a 1 year manufacturer warranty for the water pump. Each fountain comes with a detailed easy to use, plug & enjoy manual of instructions.

Custom fountains are available in this category and could be design specific, colour specific, material specific or a combination of these three. Custom fountains could also feature engraving, logo & brand specific messaging or a combination of these elements. To discuss any custom order please get in touch with the team at Fandango Fountains®.