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  • Exotic Light Blue Bird Parrot on Perch – SAVANA


    Add some whimsical accessories to your home with this charming blue parrot..

    Made from Resin and finished with a light blue painted finish with pink feathers in head.

    Savana stands very proudly on the included perch.

    Perfect for a console table, coffee table or shelf.

    Measurements: 13.8*13.8*37.5cm H

  • Exotic Rustic Green Bird Parrot on Perch – SELVA


    Made from Resin and finished with a rustic green painted finish.

    Selva stands very proudly on the included perch.

    Perfect for a console table, coffee table or shelf.

    Measurements: 15.5*13.8*40.5cm H



    Favola bird feeder is a unique designer quality garden ornament loved by landscapers & home owners alike. The unique design is breathtaking & the colours are majestic.

    Pink, purple & light blue shining through the natural grey stone colour, made of GRC to weather the elements. This is a must have landscaping decor ornament for in & out of the home.

    Measurements: 33.2*30.4*77cm H

  • Faith Hope & Peace Birds (Gold Set of 3)

    $34.99 $27.99

    Gold Birds Set Faith – Hope – Peace (3)

    New Age 3 Birds Set with positive affirmations messages Faith, Hope & Peace, an ideal gift for him & her as well as friends & family, suitable for bookshelves & as a Décor item.

    Size 9.80cm H, 13cm W, 6.50cm D each bird

    Color Gold Leaf with Engraved Writing Peace, Hope & Faith

  • Familia Family Figures Water Feature


    Free Standing Water Feature with family silhouettes of 2 parents & 3 kids, 2 level water bubbles & 2 tiered LED lights with mesmerizing water sounds & cool lights effects, 1.2 meter high.

    Size 121.7cm H, 38.5cm W, 23.5cm D

    Black Fiberglass Charcoal Poly with sandstone effect

  • Felicidad Abstract Fountain


    Felicitated Water Feature a Symbol of love & Unity, water feature with 2 Parents & 2 Kids, in Black & Silver Grey finish.

    A contemporary Portrait of a united family comprising 2 parents & 2 kids around the elements of water, light and bound by their love for each other, 1.2meter high freestanding fountain. A true statement of modern abstract art.

    Size 124cm H, 43.5cm W, 27cm D



    Finished in sandstone effect with a lovely colour of dark granite  The palette of colours is majestic & suits any home style.

    It is operated by a back up system so you won’t be disappointed in there are clouds as long as the back up has been fully charged during previous intervals. Easy to operate & fully functional.

    Measurements: 55W*54D*98cmH

  • FLAMENCO Dancers Abstract Fountain

    Free Standing Fiberglass Finish Poly High Quality Water Feature.
    Abstract Design featuring Couple Silhouette Dancing Spanish Flamenco
    Height: 1.45 Meter
    Width:  0.46 Meter
    Depth: 0.25
    Includes Large Water Pump & 2 LED Lights.
    Warranty 1 Year.

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